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Welcome to How to Build Your Own Computer!
This website is about one thing: saving you money. We all know
that a great way to save money is by doing things ourselves that
we would normally pay others to do, right? Well if you apply that
concept to purchasing a computer, you will save big money.

Did you know that the average warranty for a computer part is
three years? But the average warranty you get from a company
that sells computers is only one year! That is of course unless
you shell out another $250 for the 3-year "upgrade." Talk about
a complete rip-off!!

When you buy a computer and pay an extra $250 for the 3-year warranty, all you are doing is paying a company $100 per year to diagnose your computer's hardware problems. But hardware rarely fails! Almost all computer problems are software-based. Tell you what, how about you save yourself that $250 - plus hundreds more- and diagnose your own computer problems?

For $800 you can build a computer that would otherwise cost you $1500

Truer words have never been spoken. And by the way, the big companies that sell computers do not warranty against a virus that deletes your hard drive; they only warranty the hard drive itself. But the hard drive already comes with a warranty from the manufacturer! So stop paying for nothing!

In the first section, titled How a Computer Works we will teach you the fundamentals of a computer's parts including what they look like and what functions they perform. We will provide pictures as well as recommendations for each component. You can click on the pictures as you follow our guide. Most of them will pop up a high resolution version of that picture. Some will pop up different but related pictures that are helpful in understanding that specific step or component. If you have javascript disabled, you will miss out on several useful functions of this website!

picture pop up example

In the following section - Building a Computer - we will show you step-by-step how to physically put your computer together. We will include diagrams, photos and important things to remember. We will also show you the amount of power you can get for around $800 (a price we consider to be "the sweet spot"). We will recommend components with great price-to-performance ratios, not the bad ones suppliers need to get rid of!

Finally, in the last section titled Setting up a Computer we will start up your newly-built computer, configure initial hardware settings, and get your operating system installed. We will also recommend that you download several FREE important applications which will keep your computer spyware and virus-free. We will also compare your new computer to what you could have purchased from a big name-brand company, and then show you how much money you saved!

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